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Each of our environmentally friendly tea bags are individually wrapped and enveloped to ensure maximum freshness and taste.

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Be it at home, on the go, or at work—Miracle Tree® is the best way to enjoy Moringa. Discover your favorite flavor today!

Nature delivered, naturally!

Our organic moringa is harvested from the forest lands in Sri Lanka – with absolutely no added chemicals, pesticides, or additives.

Passion for Tea

Our main strength is our people, a blend of experience and youth, with one trait in common – a passion for tea.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Moringa is an excellent source of over 90 nutrients. At Miracle Tree® we believe in promoting a healthy and active life style for a better future.

Socially Responsible

Environmental responsibility and the fair treatment of all of our workers is the core guiding principle behind Miracle Tree®.

Flavors to Love

Our tea is unique – it’s made of Organic Moringa! We source our tea from our own Moringa plantations in Sri Lanka. Our passionate tea artisans ensure our product quality and freshness!

Experiencing Miracle Tree

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